Global Farm set up & Management

Mining Rig Club possess the abilities and skillsets required to build and manage large mining farms. Our goal is for the Mining Rig Club alliance to be the largest infrastructure in the world that supports the next-generation blockchain technology startups. Our alliance extends in Georgia, Korea, Singapore, India and China.

Merkle tree academy

MTA provides education on cryptocurrency mining and investing. The name MTA is derived from the Merkle Tree Algorithm, which is a data structure used to encode blockchain data more securely and efficiently.

Address: Raja’s Commercial College, 231 Bain Street, #04-37 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231.

Blockchain, Technology and ICO Consultancy

Looking to create your own coin? Need to utilise the blockchain technology? Trying to ICO in today’s competitive market? Book a consultation with the management team from leading ICOs which raised USD $2M to USD $40M worth of cryptocurrency today.

Procurement with Economies of Scale

The market is starved of Mining cards, quality motherboard and other accessories. Prices are marked up unnecessarily. In the Mining Rig Club, we solve this problem by allowing miners to tap on our economies scale to procure their products and scale their farm to the next level.