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Mining Rig Club is founded by a group of global cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts who believe that cryptocurrency mining should be made available to everyone in an ethical and authentic way. We provide an array of products and services to help level the playing field between the professional and the fresh miner.
Our mission is to be the most important company on the planet that silently supports the next generation of “Uber(s)”, “Snapchat(s)” and “Alibaba(s)” through our data centre mining infrastructure.

Core TeamCore team

Leon Lim

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Alex Wong

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

Lead teamLead team

Yogesh Sanwal

Chief Software Engineer / Co-Founder

Kim Salazar

Customer Happiness Officer / Co-Founder

Suvrat Ram Joshi

Chief Automation Engineer / Co-Founder

Uyen Nguyen Do Phuong

UI UX Designer / Co-Founder


Business Development Lead

advisory teamadvisory team

Ozi Amanat

Founding Partner K2 Global VC

Vakhtang Gogokhia

Mining Advisor

Lasha Ramishvili

Technical Advisor